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Denise has, from time to time felt the need to issue a statement. Her blog on this site is used for general chit chat to inform followers what is happening in her life. Denise, like her Sisters have fallen foul to press inaccuracies. During the now famous family fall out, a few year ago, the press printed false stories including and untrue claim that Denise had retired from show business in 1976. Press reported, wringly,  that her Sisters and herself had reunited as a family on Bernie's death bed. These stories hurt Denise. It is obvious Denise hasn't retired - and for the sake of clarity Denise and Anne made contact with her sisters less than two years after the original falling out.   In fact, Bernie invited Denise to her 50th birthday party and Bernie attended Anne's 60th Birthday party; both events occured in 2010. To further Clarify - Bernie died in 2013.
Denise is wary of talking to the press, the thought of being misquoted in print is a large worry for her. She decided that she would respond to any such press stories directly from her own site. She can remove any statement at any time. Press stories online are there to be viewed, in all their inaccuracy, forever.
More recently, the Nolans' Christmas Day family meal which was held at Lytham Hall was reported in the press. The story was a lovely piece and the photographs were simple photographs taken with family members' own phones. Denise was on holiday in California, where her partner, Tom's son has lived for many years. It just so happens that for once, Denise was not with her famiy at Christmas -Covid 19 had stopped Denise and Tom from visiting or their American family coming to the UK. They hadn't seen them for more than two years. Denise and Tom decided to spend a month there. The press story explained that her absence was because she was now based in Los Angeles.
The couple returned to the UK in mid January. This might seem a trivial matter, BUT,  Think about this.....Let's say that a casting agent wanted Denise to appear in a musical or a panto. If they had read that piece, they would dismiss her for the role. It's a simple as that.
Okay. This is long!!
I sometimes, as you know use my website to vent!!
I’m venting now!!!
I have often been asked why I’m not on Facebook or twitter, I feel more than justified now!! I cannot believe that there are people out there who actually passed comment on ‘The Loose Women debacle this week, IN SYMPATHY WITH Kim Woodburn!!!!
It’s no secret Coleen and I have had bad feelings in the past, we love each other as siblings -  hopefully we have moved on from that, but to call her a bully is laughable.
She is the opposite of that and hates confrontation, and indeed BULLIES TOTALLY!!
I go in All Guns Blazing!!! Thankfully, for all, I wasn’t there!!!
While Ms Woodburn, knowing she was going on the show to hopefully make peace with Coleen, turned on the waterworks within five minutes after she appeared, for all the world to see, whilst Coleen remained calm but went home that day after the show and signed off from the next one which she was supposed to be on, because she was so upset!! She cried all day, PRIVATELY!!! Far from being shouted down, Ms Woodburn never let anyone get a word in, that’s why Coleen made a remark about what she and the other celebrities had put up with in CBB!! Where are Coleen’s friends from that show?! SPEAK UP!!! But, I couldn’t help reading some of the adverse comments from Twitter etc. I know not everyone is a Nolan fan, of course, and we are all SO grateful for the ones we have, but this goes beyond disliking our music or thinking we are untalented. That’s an opinion, as valid as anyone’s. Most people will never know us personally, so their comments about Linda on CBB with Jim Davidson etc were totally uncalled for and as you have not met either, speak to someone unbiased who has, before passing comment!! For the record I worked several times with the ‘Sainted Jim’ all I will say is, it was a very unpleasant experience!!! He should have won an Oscar for his performance on CBB, and must be grateful for the way he was filmed. Friends in high places methinks!!! I feel sorry for genuinely well informed intelligent people on social media, But, I also feel sad for people who actually watched ‘Loose Women’ (or did they?) and actually felt Kim Woodburn was Bullied??!!! Are they really that gullible??!!
There was only one person doing the bullying and that was the Lady in question!!! If she has emotional or mental problems she should not have been invited on there, (Coleen, knowing Kim, pleaded with the producers to NOT have her on the show, to no avail). If she did it for the money, and it was all planned, then, that’s up to her and her conscience!! In my opinion, if that is the case she behaved abominably and I would have said so, no matter who it was. I wish I had a pound for everyone I know in showbiz or otherwise who has had a tough childhood.They got help when they could, and worked it out without bringing it up every time they could!! (to gain public sympathy.) Or indeed tried to help others who were going through the same thing, THIS WAS NOT the way!!! She openly bullied the lovely Linda Robson and practically assaulted her removing her arm so forcefully!! I watched the very warm and nice Aggie on a reality TV show recently. (Again I don’t know her, it’s just the way she came across, in my opinion, totally different to Kim). I had read the cleaning show they did together finished because Aggie and Kim just didn’t get on??
After seeing both of them, I have to say, I know who I’d believe was the difficult one!!. Aggie and the whole team in that show finished up as good friends.The same cannot be said for Kim in CBB. Very few liked her, or was I again watching a different show and they were ALL bullies? I think not. Speaking of talent, which she and her supporters keep bringing up. Is cleaning a talent? I know someone who did a play with her recently and she was sacked as she was so bad!! I know, that’s cruel, and I wouldn’t mention it, as, unlike the twitter trolls, I do have a life, but she hurt two people who are very dear to me, badly and unfairly, so I feel justified!!! Unfortunately, she achieved what she wanted and has myself and everyone talking, so well done for that, Ms Woodburn, there are nicer ways!!!
For anyone who believes whatever they read in the, mostly Low Life, press in this country... DON'T!!!  Adam received a phone call yesterday, asking would I be at my sister's funeral? !!! Can you believe they are still trying to dig dirt up, at this devastating time in our lives.?  As I've said already, we ended our disagreement at least two years ago and I have spent more time with her than almost everyone in the last few months, and yesterday, the whole family were there, united!!  NOT, because of Bernie's efforts to end the row, because we love EACH OTHER and HER!!  I thank the newspapers who gave a lovely and dignified eulogy to her in today's papers. But, to the others...CAN YOU STOOP ANY LOWER!!!! That is why I have no interest in anything I read in the press, apart from the crosswords!!! And also why, I beg you, if you want the truth - Read my website.  Love to you all and thank you so much for the thousands of messages of sympathy we have received. They are a comfort and so appreciated.
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